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15.03.2008 - 
Viele Lawinentote im Nordwesten der USA, warmer Winter in Alaska

von Sara Francis

In den Hochgebirgen im Westen und äußersten Nordwesten der Vereinigten Staaten und Kanadas gibt es heuer außergewöhnlich viele Lawinenopfer. Feuchte und schwere Schneemassen sind naturgemäß auch Folgen des generell warmen Winters. Im Zentralraum von Alaska um die größte Stadt des Bundestaates, Anchorage, beobachtet die Bevölkerung besondere Phänomene. Das Eis auf dem Cook Inlet des Pazifischen Ozeans bricht bereits auf; immer weiter.

Bilder: Sara Francis

By Sara Francis

Selten zuvor waren solche Wärmebilder zu beobachten in einem Land, das im Sommer sehr sehr warm und im Winter normalerweise extrem kalt sein kann. Um Missverständnissen vorzubeugen: Wintersport ist in und um Anchorage trotz der Wärmephase noch immer möglich.

Generell gilt: Die direkte Küstenregion ist auch in harten Wintern nie so kalt wie das kontinentale Inland von Alaska um Fairbanks. Doch heuer scheint überall irgendwie der Wurm drin zu sein. Das sportliche Leben geht weiter: Die Junior Olympics-Skilanglauf-Rennen im Kincaid Park waren trotz einigen Wasserlöchern nicht wirklich in Gefahr.

Pazifik: Eis im Cook Inlet bricht weiter auf
Unseasonably warm temperatures have forced winter into retreat in South Central Alaska. The streets are wet and cialis alternatives standing water is hampering winter athletes on the brand viagra professional trails. Ice bergs litter the beaches of the inlet like winter's grave markers. The ice in Cook Inlet continues to break up and generic viagra vs brand viagra move out into the Gulf of Alaska and get viagra fast melt. It has been several degrees warmer during the day and female viagra over the counter at night than historical temperatures for this time of year.

Skilanglauf: lösbare Probleme für Junior Olympics
Motorists are avoiding new pot holes and viagra standing water on city streets. Several tire shops report an increase in flat tire customers since the beginning of the warm spell - earlier than in previous years. One motorist hit a four-foot (1.22 meters), causing over $5,000 (3,188.87 Euro) in damage. Standing water was also a problem at Kincaid Park where the 2008 Junior Olympics cross-country skiing championships are under way. Groomers used sump pumps to remove standing water from the trials so competition could continue.

Fairbanks: Eisbildhauer in Nöten
In Fairbanks the organizers of the World Ice Art Championships have spent over $1,500 dollars (964 Euro) on dry ice to preserve the sculptures. For the event, Fairbanks provides the largest natural ice blocks in the world, allowing the sculptors an opportunity to work on a pure and cialis on line pricing in canada transient medium. There are single block, multi-block and cheap herbal viagra open classes for the competition.

Wintersport in den Bergregionen? Extrem feuchte Schneemassen ...
Although residents woke to two inches of fresh snow Wednesday it has already melted. Warm temperatures have made the snow loads on the Chugach Mountain Range even heavier and viagra for women there is an increased danger of avalanches. Due to these conditions the Chugach State Park has been closed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources to snow machine use. They site the danger to individuals and best site to buy viagra the environment as the reason for the closure. Underlying vegetation is no longer protected from the machine tracks by the snow as it continues to melt. The park and compare cialis prices the rest of the range is still open to skiers, hikers and online cheap viagra snowshoers and pfizer mexico viagra dog sleds.

Skidoo-Fahrer von Lawine getötet
Two snowmobilers were killed in an avalanche in Turnagain Pass, about 70 miles (112.7 km) south of Anchorage in mid-February. The two were buried for about 45 minutes before rescuers could find them. The Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center reported 11 inches (28 centimeters) of new snow fell in a two-day period prior to the incident. That left the snowpack depth at 94 inches (239 centimeters) at a Turnagain Pass weather station, located at 1,800 feet (550 meters).

32 Lawinentote in den westlichen und nordwestlichen USA
Avalanches have killed at least 32 people across the western United States since December 2, according to the U.S. Forest Service National Avalanche Center. These two were the first recorded deaths in Alaska this winter. In an effort to curb further injuries the City of Anchorage and flomax and cialis the State of Alaska have been putting on avalanche awareness seminars in Anchorage and Juneau. Avalanche prevention crews have been very active this season safely triggering avalanches when the areas are clear of individuals and thereby reducing the risk to backcountry recreationalists.

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